Artist Statement


For the past three years I have focused on performance and relational aesthetic work, supported by a drawing practice alongside curatorial projects.

I am interested in dignified living and I use everything and everyone around me to try and understand how to achieve that.

I like to think I am looking for ways to build smart bridges between the closed communities I inhabit and that my work is the spillage of this endeavour. I try not to be nostalgic, ideologic nor absolute in my thinking.

My meditations come from attempts, one-off Actions or prolonged commitments, of exploring sustainable communal living across spectra like spirituality and togetherness, but also public policy, economic independence and meaning-making by actively participating, initiating and doing whatever is instructed by (cultural) platforms to attain emancipation. In a sense, I am a researcher.

My efforts constantly fail but they add to my body of knowledge of which I see as inherently decolonised. Through doing, I free myself of the weight of the archive and the role of the Other.