WORK N°11: I played Tekken at Ghett’s brother’s house and then installed an XBOX One in the cafetaria and made people play it

March 13, 2018 Actions, games

On Friday the 9th of March I installed an XBOX One in the Cafetaria of Central Saint Martins. Almost immediately after I had turned on the game, I was asked by two girls if they could play it. They had never played before and wanted to try it – and that became the story of many girls who approached me to play that afternoon. Some of my friends came and stayed to hang out, play and chat. One friend tookRead More


February 16, 2018 Drawings

I had met Jordy and Jo through Jerry and they knew I had done something with Miles at MTV (page 17). So I went and did artwork for Jordy’s new song that is coming out on Spotify and Apple Music hopefully this February. The song’s called ‘Recipe’. Jo is sitting there, that’s a corner of his room. I wanted to work ‘with’ them, musicians. I have always been fascinated by the collaborative nature of music, sometimes being quite jealous ofRead More

Work n° 9: I did nails at the Tate (2018)

January 23, 2018 Actions

I realised it takes a lot of courage to sit down with me, in that setting. On the 21st of January 2018 I spent 6 hours giving visitors of the Tate free manicures and massages. Myself and Junda Dietze (my friend and set designer) built a set modeled after South East Asian nailsalons. Visitors would invite themselves to sit down with me and pick a treatment. Often, it felt like it wouldn’t matter what they would go, it felt likeRead More

Work n° 8: I led a music mob through my school

January 12, 2018 Actions, music

At 2PM on 11th of January 2018 my friends and I marched around the school, singing and dancing to popular mostly UK rap tunes. We felt alive, engaged, with eachother, we were a force so to speak. Sofiane, one of my friends, came up to me after the action and said he felt like he was truly himself. To me, I was commenting on claiming space for ourselves to be ourselves. It was about making your own rules, despite howRead More

WORK N° 6: i sneaked miles into mtv (2017)

January 1, 2018 music

  In November 2018 I was selected to partake in a youth program by MTV. Four of us had to each paint a large scale painting for MTV Music Week in the light of the upcoming EMA’s. The overarching theme for all painters was London and Music. I chose to portray my friend Miles, as I thought he was the embodiment of music in London for me. He is raw, talented, lives for music and tragically is not well known.Read More

Work n°5: I organised a neighborhood lunch and taught them how to roll springrolls (2017)

December 29, 2017 Actions, food, gatherings

  2 weeks after moving into an apartment block in Oval, London I organised a neighbourhood lunch. I knocked on all the doors and said I wanted to get to know my neighbours, and if they wanted to come for a lunch thing, where people would bring their own food (optional) and get together in our communal backyard. I made flyers, printed them and shoved them under everyones door. We had food, chats and drinks on a windy Sunday inRead More

Work n° 4: I organised the candy dance AKA the madison AKA the vulindlela AKA the electric slide at school (2017)

December 29, 2017 Actions, gatherings, music

I grew up dancing this step at weddings and parties with my Cambodian community across the world – Holland, Australia, Cambodia, Germany – with grandmas, aunties, uncles and kids. We referred to it as ‘the Madison’. When I stepped foot in a club in Brixton a month ago, I saw a bunch of black girls do this slide on Cameo’s Candy. After speaking to several friends of different black heritage I realised this step had travelled through different black communitiesRead More

Work n° 2: I played ‘nostalgic’ ‘ethnic’ music on the tram and public transport in antwerp from a bluetooth speaker (2016)

August 19, 2017 Actions, music

During autumn/winter 2016 I played non-Western music from my portable speakers in the tram 24 in Antwerp. Carefully curated, I found music through calling out my non-Western friends’ to share me songs their parents used to listen to at the house and other ‘nostalgic’ songs that are usually confined to the private space. The public action generated a lot of smiles, giggles, laughter, compliments, curiousity and confusion. It happened 7 times over the span of november ’16 until january ’18 andRead More

Work n° 3: I organised the first 2nd gen khmer community event with local artists and musicians and did a live talkshow (2015)

August 19, 2017 Actions, food, gatherings, music

Ik dans de Roamvong was a community based music and arts presentation and event. I conceived the idea while supporting local community and arts projects in Cambodia and I proposed it during a meeting in Paris with other Cambodian youth organisers. Working closely with the second generation artisans and musicians from the Netherlands and Belgium, (mainly) new work for this event was produced in a span of two months and both finished and unfinished works were presented at the event. IRead More

Work n° 1: I grew an asian herb from the seed, documented it in a book, made a banh mi sandwich and made people eat it (2016)

July 27, 2017 Actions, food