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A Broken Heart for a Soulful Lament

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“A Broken Heart for a Soulful Lament” is a lecture-performance developed for the Willem de Kooning Research Awards and the seventh edition of Radiant Nights, curated by Please Add Color, at de Singel in Antwerp. This performance earned me the Master Research Awards of 2022!

This 30 minute show combined all facets of my practice: digital drawing, painting, installation, DJing, writing and performance. In a way, it unfolded like a small, one person-play.

In this, I lament about the last few years of my life, and reach out to my friends for their stories. I go through themes of belonging, going back “home”, radicalization, religion, life, death and peace. It is an ode to my friends, family and communities, as I try and speak the full, unfiltered truth.

You can read them here:

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