Malick, Mickel, Camille & Jannat

November 13, 2019 Performance

is a series of participatory performances which took place over a period of six months in North London.

The performance was an invitation to a number of locals to follow a three-part instruction of a self made veneration ritual, loosely inspired by a Khmer animistic practice that dates back to Angkorean times.

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Malick, Mickel, Camille & Jannat


30 min performance across five different sites with five different participants, flowers, candles, incents, rice, fruit, china, lighting gel, ribbon, poppy flower seeds, photo documentation by Gianni Antonia.

I asked them:

1) Can you take me to a public place that holds a memory for you?

2) Can you offer food, incents, drinks and candles to honour an ancestor with me?

3) Can you sow seeds in a patch closeby?

The instructions are loosely inspired by a Khmer veneration ritual during ‘Pchom Ben’, a fifteen day ancestral remembrance festival. Locals pay respect to deceased relatives up to seven generations by offering food and praying at their local pagodas.

It is believed that during this time, the gates of hell are open and ghosts descent and wander around,
feeling hungry.