Work n° 3: I organised the first 2nd gen khmer community event with local artists and musicians and did a live talkshow (2015)

August 19, 2017 Actions, food, gatherings, music

Ik dans de Roamvong was a community based music and arts presentation and event. I conceived the idea while supporting local community and arts projects in Cambodia and I proposed it during a meeting in Paris with other Cambodian youth organisers. Working closely with the second generation artisans and musicians from the Netherlands and Belgium, (mainly) new work for this event was produced in a span of two months and both finished and unfinished works were presented at the event. I curated and MC’ed the production in the form of a talkshow.



Chhaylin – Ik dans de roamvong
Makara Nhang – Ik dans de roamvong (vlog)
Samboleap Tol – Ik dans de Roamvong – reminiscing about a party I organised 2 years ago

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