Samboleap Tol’s (b. 1990) current practice looks to expand her engagement with arts and its publics as well as to deepen her understanding of art’s social function and its role in contemporary culture and civic life.


She conceives social spaces, meetings, encounters and playful scenarios as points of convivial antagonism, in order to think and feel her way around collaboration, education and imagination. By making these situations visible, Tol seeks to ask questions and make proposals that examine our present condition of networked-solitude, whilst also offering radical envisionings of the future.


The establishment of living spaces allows Tol’s work to function as a collection of live-archives. These micro-communities offer the opportunity to explore new modes of horizontal sociability and the generative potential of togetherness and otherness.


Tol holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (St Lucas School of Art and Design Antwerp, Central Saint Martins) and a Bachelor of Science (Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Sydney) and currently lives and works in London. Selected exhibitions include her residency The Age of New Babylon at Chelsea College of the Arts (2018) and her community based exhibition Ik dans de Roamvong (translation from Dutch and Khmer: I dance the round dance) in the Netherlands (2015).


She is in a year long residency at the Chelsea College of the Arts MAFA studios with her New Babylon project.


Follow her on instagram or shoot her an email @ samboleaptol@gmail.com 


Text by Abbas Zahedi



– said Sam out of frustration, London, UK