Uriel and Sam show #1 (Dutch)

Uri─ôl Matahelumual is a Rotterdam based filmmaker and educator.
In this spontaneous livestream we discuss culture, arts and entertainment.

Highlighted timestamps:

21:38 – London as a competitive place, my criticism of Central Saint Martins
24:00 – People using humanitarian causes as a way to further themselves in their career positions
30:00 – The danger of the left to try and censor those who think differently
34:00 – How ten years ago, some young people radicalise because they feel like their history was taken away from them, and now young people are more informed (because our generation put in work and Youtube is here)
37:00 – After four years of radicalisation, I could see places and people for what they were: not idolising people from Asia, nor demonising the West
38:00 – Our task is to decolonise, need to stop blaming faceless governments, it’s an easy biblical good/evil narrative, my opinion is to give everyone benefit of the doubt and contribute
39:00 – Uriel: Talent and hard work is durable and will prevail
– My story of how I started DJing: not as a passion, stealing mixes from London DJ’s, how people were SO enthusiastic about me DJing because of my looks and I wondered why. Etymology of entertainment: holding attention. The remix of visual and sonic elements of good looking girl and playing great songs: holds attention.
46:00 – Stereotype as a device in two dimensional imagery: you debunk stereotype or strengthen it.
51:00 – How bullies understand how to keep attention (entertainment). TikTok/Influencers know how to keep attention. Example: Famke Louise and shock factor.
55:00 – We as humans, we like fucked up shit: war, gangster films, twerking
56:00 – Twerking ladies aren’t real. Bizzey said in a podcast: as an artist I live out my fantasy.
57:00 – Young people are media makers. Lil Nas X as the biggest example, he started out with meme making. Going viral = finding the weird visual formula that fucks with us in our brain…. He became an expert: What is the weirdest thing he can come up with, visually? A Black guy on a horse.
58:00 – The New Generation understand and are active media makers who actively use today’s scarcity: attention.