Babylonians @ Railway

January 5, 2018 Curation

was a performance arts and performative art show held at a South London pub.

Artists were of mixed backgrounds (some were trained as artists, others as musicians, most were self taught) and were invited to self-curate their own performances, works and installations in and around the site.

The show was borne out of my curiosity to try and understand what entertainment is, what art is, and how to explore and mix these artistic categories while aware of their colonial lineage.

The mix of artists and non artists, musicians and non musicians, trained and untrained, while hosting both art and music in a commercial, low brow setting brought about a fruitful and convivial happening, akin to a community event.


Curator: Samboleap Tol
Producers: Abbas Zahedi, Tagara Mhizha (The Railway Tavern)
Artists featured: Richmond Cloverfield, Amina Osmanu (BE), Pim Steinmann (NL), Jannat Hussain, Abbas Zahedi, Junda Dietze, Jedrek Filus
Photographer: Jedrek Filus
Completely self funded

The Railway Tavern
7 Station Rise, Norwood, London SE27 9BW, United Kingdom
Date 2019



Documentation of my performance Nemo Tassa (2019) at Babylonians @ the Railway, Tulse Hill, London.
Photos by: Jedrek Filus. Sketches by: Samboleap Tol.
As published in the Decolonising the Arts Curriculum Zine 2: Perspectives on Higher Education, 2019