WORK N° 25: I hosted a 7 hour crit with 25+ students across CSM, RCA and RA

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Exhibition no 1: The Age of New Babylon @ Chelsea

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  The Age of New Babylon: Chelsea SU Residency   Curatorial statement: we are an interdisciplinairy group of BA/MA students from UAL, RCA and The Cass and have been using the SU space at Chelsea as a live-archive, research base and a point of convivial departure to think and feel our way around collaboration, education and imagination. Over eleven days we have hosted a series of self-initiated workshops and actions – ranging from a discussion on Childish Gambino and simulacra,Read More

WORK N° 22: Me, Shaku, Jerome, Cuong and Moetaz played an intense game of Monopoly at Millman Street Community Centre

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Photos by Junda Dietze

WORK N°12: We played ‘Guess Who’ with only BME celebrities in a suit during open studios (2018)

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