Artist Statement

Samboleap Tol (1990) is an artist, curator, and DJ. She is known for her performative, participatory works that highlight and celebrate differences of the bodies and minds of members of her self-assembled, hypothetical and ephemeral communities. Spanning from micro gestures to curatorial group exhibitions and music shows, her works are often site-specific, audience aware and are of a convivial nature. It is through conviviality that Tol seeks to oppose neo-colonial tendencies by offering moments for introspection and expression.

Tol holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sint Lucas Antwerpen, Central Saint Martins, UAL) and a Bachelor of Science in Media and Communication (Erasmus University, University of Sydney). She has performed and spoken at South London Gallery, Tate Exchange, Tate Britain, Cookhouse Gallery, Raven Row and more. In 2018 she won the bid to curate the first student-led exhibition in the history of Central Saint Martins called ‘The Age of New Babylon’ (Lethaby Gallery).

She is a research associate in residence (2019/2020) at The Research Centre for Transnational Art, Identity and Nation (TrAIN, University of Arts London, dir: Prof. Paul Goodwin). From September 2020 she will be pursuing her MA in Fine Art at the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Fun fact: Sam has lived in Sydney (4 years), Antwerp (3 years), London (3 years), Berlin, Phnom Penh and is currently based in Rotterdam.